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Low Income discount.</font></p> <p>Coaching and Counselling in relationship solutions, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, trauma, self esteem, fear and panic attacks, loss and grief, stress management, spiritual help, financial coaching, anger resolution, communication issues, sexual abuse, separation and divorce</p> <p>Wind Of Life Counselling Service, 0402 315 896 or e mail: <a href="">rose@</a></p> <p><a href=""></a><br> <a href=""></a><br> <a href=""></a><br> &nbsp;</p> <hr> <p><font size="5">&nbsp;&nbsp; This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.</font></p> <p><font size="4">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Get the Firefox web browser </font> <a target="_blank" href=""> <font size="4">here</font></a></p><hr> <p><b>Welcome to the Wind of Life website</b><br> <br> Towards helping people work through difficulties of life, and to find answers<br> FRANKSTON<br> VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA<br> <br> Rose Conlan - Counsellor<br> Dip.Couns.Com. Q.M.A.C.A.<br> <br> &quot;Professional member of the Australian Counselling Association&quot;<br> <br> <b>Specialising in...</b><br> <br> ... helping people determine and achieve personal goals and dreams, through Life Coaching<br> <br> We all have dreams and goals and they can get lost in life&#8217;s disappointments and trials. We are made to dream and reach towards achieving and growing. I love to coach people to refocus on determining and achieving what is really important in their life and finds the steps to turn challenges around.<br> <br> I love to coach people to identify personal goals, and to develop strategies and actions plans to achieve those goals. I will coach you personally by monitoring your progress, building your confidence and helping to eliminate any fear and self-doubt. To assist you in your action plans and help modify those plans to suit your needs.<br> <br> Is this what you need?<br> <br> First appointment discounted<br> discount on first appointment<br> <br> Contact me for an appointment:<br> 0402 315 896 or e mail:<br> <br> <b>Offering Professional Counselling in:</b><br> <br> RELATIONSHIP SOLUTIONS<br> <br> Contact with other human beings is so very important, and when we are deprived of it, it will affect us in so many ways, and we may find it difficult to manage even the basics of daily life. There are so many kinds of relationships that we form: in our families, workplaces, our social life, and in business.<br> <br> When a relationship is not working, we may lose sight of where we are in the relationship. We often struggle to reconnect properly, we may become defensive or angry and our own basic functioning often is effected. This can escalate into a crisis in our life or family. <br> <br> Did you know that&#8230;&#8230;.<br> <br> * The most important contributor to happiness is a close relationship with one other person. This is important to men and to women, to the young and to the old.<br> * Relationships are so widely different, and we may even move from one kind of relationship to another without realizing it.<br> * Relationships may be social or intimate, yet we may not know that relationships really are as important to us, as breathing is.<br> * Sometimes we cannot fully see what the problem is in relationships, and try to &#8216;fix it&#8217; the best way we are able, frustration of it not &#8216;being fixed&#8217; often leads to quarrels or withdrawing.<br> * Our emotions can block us from seeing solutions, and a relationship may need some help to unwrap and see what has caused the problems in the first place.<br> * Relationship coaching can help you build your relationships at home, work or socially, to be healthy, enjoyable and positive.<br> <br> ANXIETY / PANIC ATTACKS<br> Anxiety is a part of normal human experience. Yet, when anxiety is a constant and dominating force that severely disrupts the quality and enjoyment of a persons&#8217; life, it goes far beyond just being anxious or nervous. Anxiety and the fear of panic attacks reoccurring often keep people trapped no matter how hard they try to break free.<br> <br> To experience spontaneous, out of nowhere panic attacks and to fear it happening again can become very stressful and life inhibiting. A vast majority of people with an anxiety disorder can be helped. Many people find it helpful to be coached in small steps towards changing lifestyle elements that have been contributing to high anxiety levels. <br> In recovery people often learn to see how much their anxiety is being created by their own perceptions. I coach people into managing their anxiety and move into recovery and into more of the life they want it to be. <br> <br> <br> DEPRESSION<br> <br> Depression is often misunderstood and the sufferer may not find someone who understands what they are experiencing. Yet, it can be devastating in many ways affecting the whole being. It has been said that the emotional pain of depression to be more sever than a broken leg, and yet the struggle of depression comes on more gradually and lasts much longer. <br> <br> Many people are currently suffering from the symptoms of depression and not even realize that it is depression and not some kind of physical illness. It is very difficult to climb out of depression, but learning to use tools that work for each of us can help us find the courage and strength to begin and to continue the journey up and out.<br> Coaching can help you define an area to work on and clarify where you want to end up in that area. Step by step help can feel more manageable and you make more progress than when you feel in the bottom of a big pit.<br> <br> <br> TRAUMA<br> <br> Traumatic experiences frequently have the effect of shaking the foundations of our beliefs about safety, also a persons&#8217; trust is often shattered. Because a traumatic event is so far outside of what we would usually expect, the traumatised person finds themselves reacting in ways that may feel strange or may invoke thinking of &#8216;I&#8217;m going crazy.&#8217; These reactions are not what we normally experience in day to day life and may feel very disturbing, yet they are normal and acceptable after a traumatic experience. It is a normal response to an abnormal event.<br> Symptoms may persist for a very long time, sometimes many years. Betrayal, fear and helplessness are symptoms that the trauma survivor often continually tries to live with. Yet, recovery is possible with time and understanding. Trauma Recovery Coaching provides support and guidance needed to face and overcome the seemingly impossible challenges of life imposed by trauma experiences, on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. <br> <br> <br> SELF ESTEEM<br> <br> A good healthy self-esteem is one of life&#8217;s most powerful tools, and can be the key to surviving many of the hurdles that face us in our day to day living. Self-esteem encompasses our beliefs and emotions and our behaviour is often reflected from our self-esteem. Our feelings and thoughts fluctuate based on our daily experiences, but we may not realize that self-esteem is more than that. With poor self-esteem the ups and downs we face make all the difference in the world. We often think we are powerless to change our self-esteem, yet that is not the truth. <br> <br> Low self-esteem is often partly due to how others have treated us in the past. Being coached to improve self-confidence and self esteem helps us to make changes that will benefit us in a way that we can begin, and continue on to enjoy and live our life to the full. I have found that caring for yourself to show that you are valuable and deserving is one component of change. <br> <br> <br> FEAR and PANIC ATTACKS<br> <br> Fear can take so many forms &#8211; dread, panic, anxiety, self-consciousness, superstition, and negativity. It will show itself in many ways &#8211; avoidance, procrastination, judgement, control, or agitation, just to name a few. No matter what the fear is that we feel, it will often dominate our lives, and can affect almost every decision we try to make, many times robbing us of our potential of happiness. <br> <br> Anxiety lingers when we don&#8217;t understand it or know how to reverse it. Once we begin to understand fear and panic attacks, we can then be coached to slowly start to move beyond its control. We all experience fear to some degree in our lives, and many of them can be dealt with and overcome. <br> <br> <br> LOSS and GRIEF<br> <br> Grief is a wound that needs attention in order to heal. Facing our feelings openly and honestly is difficult. It is a big order for most of us, to tolerate and accept our feelings for however long it takes the wound of loss to heal. We need courage to feel our pain and to grieve. Many of us fear that if allowed, the grief will swallow us up indefinitely. The truth is; grief experienced does dissolve. Just as a forest can burn to the ground and eventually grow again, each of us who are overcome by such enormity of grief and loss, have the ability to recover and restore our lives.<br> <br> The journey is a process. We may be experiencing overwhelming unpleasant emotions that disrupt our everyday life and even causing long term problems. Coaching in loss and grief includes having a safe place to rebuild your life. Even if at times it may seem impossible, you can heal, and even grow from the experience.<br> <br> <br> STRESS MANAGEMENT<br> <br> Often people do not understand the nature of stress when they feel bad, often blaming other things first. Stress is an external pressuring force resulting in tension. Tension is an internal force that builds up inside and is caused by stress. It is stored up in our body as a result of many factors that have accumulated along with other daily aggravations. We all encounter many things that accumulate the stress that we feel. We need to find ways to release tension from our mind and also from our body.<br> <br> People are stressed by many different things, and the key lies in how we react. Receiving coaching for stress management can help you identify triggers and helps you find and use tools to manage stress more effectively. Short term stress is easier to overcome and manage. Prolonged stress can be devastating, robbing the body of its ability to fight off viruses and infections. We need to learn the signs of stress and to learn skills so we do not become chronically stressed, and even ill. <br> <br> <br> SPIRITUAL HELP<br> <br> Are you looking for answers? In the spiritual help I offer, you will find direction and encouragement for your life. As a Christian I believe our direction for life comes from God&#8217;s Word. We often need some help understanding and experiencing forgiveness, acceptance, feeling loved, making choices, death and the afterlife, not worrying, relationships, peace or hope. I believe that God gives us His Word to live by, and I have found in my own life and seen in many other lives, how people thrive with living out of God&#8217;s principles. Jesus tells us that he came that we might live an abundant life. <br> <br> I have a deep passion to help coach people through spiritual issues. Through prayer we can invite an amazing and caring God to help us with our struggles, to find direction, and purpose. I have personally found God to be compassionate and gracious, and a very present help in time of need. <br> <br> <br> FINANCIAL COACHING<br> <br> Having our finances out of control is extremely stressful, and a pending recession only adds even more stress into our lives. Good planning is very important with our finances. Learning to budget, looking at what you really need to financially live and to function. Sometimes we need help to look at where we are, and we may need to change the way we spend money. Many people have difficulty choosing how much to spend, and feel spending controls them. We may need some help to take a good look at what we are spending our money on and even why we spend beyond our budget. <br> <br> In Financial Coaching I do not give investment or portfolio advice, but I do help to build a good understanding and knowledge around money and personal finances, to assist in achieving personal and financial goals. We can take successful steps to get out of debt, to improve our lifestyle and often realigning our approach to money. Practical help can be of the highest value if we can&#8217;t find the steps to take ourselves. <br> <br> <br> ANGER RESOLUTION<br> <br> Anger is often the number one cause of damaged marriages, hurting children, violence and conflict in the workplace. A person may not throw things, shout or kick, but may be living with the tension of angry feelings. Anger has a root and a cause. It often comes from unresolved hurts, offences and blocked goals. Validating our feelings is very important.<br> <br> Finding positive steps of action often brings a resolve to anger. Anger is a signal and one worth listening to as it is telling us something about ourselves. Anger resolution coaching can help you understanding yourself better, and to help change often deeply ingrained habits. Success comes in understanding what happens, finding what the triggers are, and learning to practice new habits. Most of us have received very little help in learning to use our anger to clarify and strengthen ourselves and our relationships. Yet, it is never too late to learn how to bring a resolve to our anger, and begin to really enjoy our relationships and to find peace within ourselves.<br> <br> <br> COMMUNICATION ISSUES<br> <br> Communication is something we do everyday. Our effectiveness as a friend, relationship partner, co-worker, manager, teacher, mother, sister, brother, parent will depend very much on effective communication. Lack of effective communication is a major cause of marriage failure, significantly greater than even money issues. Effective communication skills are essential for any individual to be effective in a competitive world.<br> <br> I Coach Communication Skills because it is so important that our relationships work in the best way that is possible, knowing that lack of communication skills greatly hinders and even damages our social, family and work. Working on improving communication skills is a step by step process, which will brings into your world clarity and confidence. The more skills you have the greater will be your options for communicating in any situation. Whether we have a personality that is introverted or extroverted, we can all improve our abilities to communicate and become more effective in all areas of our life.<br> <br> <br> SEXUAL ABUSE<br> <br> We all receive messages in our childhood that have an effect on our adult life, messages that are transmitted mostly through our relationships with others. These messages have a powerful influence on our concept of being loved, being valuable, and belonging. The messages received by those who are sexually abused have a devastating impact on them. Physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual damage goes right to the core of the person.<br> <br> To understand some of the effects of sexual abuse and to be able to participate in their own recovery is not an easy journey for anyone. Receiving Coaching with therapy or after therapy can help support your recovery by strengthening your coping skills where you are now. Coaching can provide you with a sounding board and to help validate your individual feelings and needs. Many people do recover and move on to live happy, satisfying and successful lives.<br> <br> <br> SEPARATION AND DIVORCE<br> <br> There are many reasons why relationships deteriorate and eventually end. Sometimes there are problems that cannot be resolved. Facing the emotional impact of a separation while trying to work out the legal issues at the same time is extremely difficult. As a relationship ends there are two general issues; how to end the relationship, and how to deal with the inevitable problems that relationship endings cause. <br> <br> I coach people through the situations at hand; giving emotional support and helping clients find some practical steps to bring a resolve that may need direction towards legal advice. Relationship break-ups are never pleasant to deal with and they cause high levels of stress. Loneliness, low-self esteem, grief, needing support and time out, are some of the issues that we may be faced with as a relationship ends. I am not a legal advisor, but do understand the impact of a relationship ending. It can become very expensive appointing a solicitor, and emotional aspects can easily cause one to be paying a huge bill. Strategies to cope may be needed to be learned, and new goals eventually established to be able to move on again.<br> <br> A Personal reflection<br> <br> Seeing so many people hurting and struggling in life has contributed greatly to the reason I became a Professional Counsellor.<br> <br> Life can have so many disappointments and people's hopes and dreams get crushed. There can be times in our life where we get stuck, and feel we do not have the ability to change things.<br> <br> I love to help people to achieve their personal goals and to find the blocks to hidden potential. Part of my role is to empower clients to overcome their fears and self-doubt and to arrive at a place so they can be empowered in finding strength and the ability to move into what they want to achieve.<br> <br> Having brought up four children, I learned skills of budgeting and goal<br> setting that have really worked for me, which I love to pass on to others. Changes in my own life brought me to a place of challenges and a deep self discovery. It was out of these special times that&#8230;&#8230;..<br> <br> Wind of Life Counselling Service was born<br> <br> Wind of Life Counseling Service<br> <br> As a counsellor my heart is to help people in their own journey to learn how to move out of their struggles and to discover how to achieve victory in their lives. I really enjoy helping others to find and to achieve their dreams, often coaching people through the steps. <br> <br> My qualifications include a certificate of Counselling Skills and I also have a Diploma of Counselling and Communication. I have studied Life Coaching. Also, I have completed many shorter courses such as facilitating small recovery groups, understanding adult literacy difficulties, as well as addiction problems.<br> <br> I have attended many seminars, covering, Depression &amp; Anxiety; Recovery from Trauma. I have developed a strong interest in helping others get up again when life appears to be hopeless. I have a deep understanding how a person struggles to function having experienced stress and trauma in their lives.<br> <br> I love to help empower relationships to work for people, to help in mastering good communication skills. Helping clarify values, building on strengths, being unafraid of weaknesses, increasing motivation, is what I love to do.<br> <br> I know how it feels to want more in life but don&#8217;t know how to get it. I know how great it feels to grow and develop personally and to find and love what you do. Finding a balance in life is so fulfilling, it gives stress management, better health and peace of mind.<br> <br> For appointment phone:<br> <br> 0402 315 896<br> <br> Frankston office located at:<br> Frankston Forrest Baptist Church<br> 43 Monterey Blvd.<br> Frankston North, Vic, AU<br> <br> (Mel. 99 K8)<br> <br> <b>Newsletter</b><br> Subscribe to the newsletter on the website</p> </body>